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Four years, and many arcade cabinets later…

Allow us to introduce ourselves. Again.

Ok, so you probably know about Gameroom Designs already… …since, you’re reading this post, I’ll assume you’ve been here before. While we had previously released a couple of videos showcasing our CNC machine, linked below is our first actual YouTube video where we have a real, live person in it. (Pretty charismatic, right?)

While the Arcade Shop is presently hard at work manufacturing our Arcade Cabinet Kits, we’ve been busy working on branching out onto the media scene, and this is only the beginning!

Coming Soon!

We are working on new content as we speak, and will be producing new and exciting videos regularly.

Our newest project is a video series specifically for new arcaders. Our Pro Builder Series will provide insight into every facet of building or buying an arcade system, and we’ll be sharing all of the tips and tricks that the professionals use when building their own arcades. (We’re not holding anything back — we’ll be sharing information that you won’t find anywhere else. Tips that the pros hold close, and don’t share with anyone.)

That being said, it’s the best time to check out our YouTube Channel, here. Share our video everywhere – with friends and family, and on Social Media – and we’ll continue to bring you informative and entertaining, retro-themed, classic arcade videos!

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