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Product Showcase: The marriage of Portability and Design

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New in the Arcade Shop, we have added a couple of great new cabinet kits.

One of the most requested designs is finally available in our shop. The Fightmaster II Fight Stick Kit is an updated version of our famous fight stick. Now, with a two-player option, you can partake in all the head-to-head or vs. action you can handle!

Artistic Front - Fightmaster II 1P

Artistic Front - Fightmaster II 2P

Showcasing a fantastic and unique design, the Meridian Tabletop Arcade Cabinet Kit is a portable version of the classic cocktail! With all of the power of a full-size cocktail in a smaller form factor, you can play the classics wherever you have available power!

Artistic Front - Meridian

Check out all of our newest products in the Arcade Shop. If there’s a product you want, and you don’t see it in our shop, please contact us and let us know.

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