It’s true. We’ve designed a brand new Bartop from the ground up, and it’s available for pre-order now!

The request we have received most from our past customers is this: “When are you going to have bartop kits available again?” Until now, we haven’t had a good answer to that question. We’ve let you know that no, we didn’t have a CNC Shop any longer, and no, there were no prospects to bring arcade cabinet kits back anytime soon. That all changes today.


I went back to the drawing board, and built a brand new design – from scratch – using the experience and knowledge I’ve learned over the past years of building arcade systems for our customers. What worked, what worked well, and what didn’t… All of these questions came into play in the design process. I knew that our customers demand the highest quality, and to be honest, I felt that there was room for improvement over our past designs.

Without innovation, and without change, everything simply stays the same. Staying the same means things stagnate, and people lose interest.

So, what’s new?

Well, for a start, we have a single, two-player design, that will support most players’ requirements. We have designed it to support up to a 27″ monitor internally, so that players can get the most out of their gaming experience.

With the new widescreen profile, you can fully utilize some of the newer applications and plugins inside Retropie, such as “The Bezel Project”, which allows you to have full-screen representations of the original bezels that you’d see in the arcade. For modders, you could use the wider profile to install a PS4 or an XBox with some of the amazing fighting games available, using proper arcade controls.

We’ve configured the kit with two-player functionality, buttons for coin, player, as well as for select and start, so that you will have access to all of the controls necessary to use even the most demanding front-ends. We even include a rear hole cut for a push-button to run a shutdown script through Retropie, to help save your SD cards from corruption.

No more MDF. No more glue and clamps.

From the assembly standpoint, we’ve made significant changes from our original designs.

All of our new kits will be created using 5/8″ melamine-covered hardboard, which will make them easier to assemble and finish. Oh, and buying the marquee and bezel separately? Yeah, that’s gone. You get those included now. We’ve also listened to our customers, and are including the control panel acrylic overlay as well.

You wanted quicker, easier assembly? Imagine not having to glue and clamp up every piece of one side, waiting hours for it to dry, flipping your machine over and repeating the process. Imagine if you could complete your assembly and be ready to install your parts in under 30 minutes. With our new cam-lock connectivity, you can have your cabinet completed in a fraction of the time.

We’ve also improved one of the most annoying parts of the assembly process – mounting your monitor. With the invention of the new GDC Mastermount Monitor System, we give you the ability to install and position your monitor in minutes!

(Seriously. It’s so simple now. I haven’t completed the full instructions as yet, but here’s the breakdown: remove arcade cabinet kit from box, apply art and t-molding, install speakers into speaker housing, install LED strip onto LED marquee mount, use a screwdriver to install cam screws in both sides, assemble panels to one side using a screwdriver to tighten cam-lock bolts, slide in marquee and bezel, install the second side using same method. Ta-da. Grab your beverage of choice, and get ready to install your internal components. You. Are. Done.)

It comes with everything you need.

We’ve improved every aspect of the arcade build process, and we’re going one step further. Everything you need to assemble your cabinet is included with your build. (Except for the few tools required to assemble. That, you have to provide yourself. But you probably already have a screwdriver…)

Marquee and bezel acrylic? Check.
Oh, you wanted control panel acrylic? Yeah, Check.
Cam screws and cam-lock bolts? Check.
Screws to attach the GDC Mastermount Monitor System to the sides? Check.
Control Panel Lockdown Clips and screws? Check.
Keylock for the rear door? Check.

Pre-Orders Are Now Available

For a limited time, we are offering our new bartop arcade kit at a discount until our CNC Shop ramps up to full production. Once that happens, we’ll be able to ship our kits within 24 hours of order. (Yes, you read that correctly: twenty-four hours.) We are planning on having our kits available, and in stock, ready for shipping quickly upon receiving an order. It’s just one more way we’re making it faster for you to get to playing!

Click this link to check out the best Bartop Arcade Kit we have ever designed.

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