Our best Bartop Kit for only $260 Canadian? OH, CANADA!!!

OUR BEST BARTOP ARCADE CABINET KIT, NOW ONLY $260 CANADIAN! For one week only, we're selling our amazing new GDC-01 Bartop Arcade Cabinet Kit for only $260. That's a whopping 20% off the regular price. Yes, that still includes the kit, acrylics (marquee, bezel and control panel) and assembly hardware. We're not skimping on anything! And yes, of course, thatRead more

Rick’s No Tax Birthday Weekend Sale

On the first day of Summer 2019, we're throwing out the tax! Yes, it's true. Everything in our store is on sale, and you're saving a whopping 13% on everything we sell! From now until midnight on June 23, 2019, use coupon code OLDMANYELLSATCLOUD and we'll knock that annoying HST right off of your purchase. (Living in a province orRead more

March Madness Sale

It's happening again! Another sale! Yes, it's true. We love having sales! And now, we're having another one. From now until the end of March, you can use coupon code "MADNESS19" in The Arcade Shop to receive a 5% discount off of your entire order. Click here to visit the shop! Are you a Subscriber? If so, you should watchRead more

What’s New in The Arcade Shop!

WHAT'S NEW IN THE ARCADE SHOP! We've been busy adding new products to The Arcade Shop, and wanted to share a few of the highlights with you. NEW ARCADE BUNDLES! We have added a number of new bundles into our shop. You'll find the newest Pandora's Box, as well as a Raspberry Pi solution as well. We're incorporating all ofRead more

Back To The Arcade!

THE ARCADE SHOP IS BACK! That's right. We are back for good!   We want to thank all of our original customers, a lot of whom we've been in contact with over the past year, and to welcome all of our new friends and future customers. To do this, we're having a "Welcome Back" Sale on everything - and offering aRead more

A Quick, Yet Important Update!

2018.03.05 – Status Update I just wanted to let everybody know that, while we are now closed, I am still hard at work completing the final orders we have outstanding. I have received a number of emails from our customers who are concerned that, as we have announced our close, that they may not receive their orders. I can confirm

Read more