Shutting Down in 3… 2…

We are cutting our final orders over the next week or two, and will have everything ready for pickup or shipping as soon as possible. While we prepare for our final shutdown activities, I wanted to provide some information in regards to the sale of our CNC Machine.

Below you will find all of the technical specifications of the machine, with everything that we are selling with it, and then, a final note on what’s coming next.

Gameroom Designs’ CNC Machine Specifications

The CNC machine was designed by me, professionally cut by a local CNC company. It can support full sheets of stock, up to full 49″ x 97″ x 2″ sheets.

The design is based upon the large format Green Bull 5×10 CNC from (link:, and was assembled four years ago. If you were to purchase this system from them, it would only include the main gantry, and cost over $8500 Canadian prior to shipping, which would cost an additional $700. Their price would not include any table.

I built a full Torsion Box Table, which I built for added rigidity, on 3″ lockable rolling casters to makes it easy to move. It has a custom-designed, yet simple hold-down system, which will allow you to hold down stock sheets via screws, while not interfering with the cut area. (I used to use screws through the stock to hold it in place, however, this is a challenge if the design runs across the screw heads, as you will damage your cutting bit. I upgraded this to alleviate this issue.)

My CNC machine runs faster than the original it’s based on, at 180 inches per minute at a depth of 1/4″ on MDF, with no loss of quality on the cuts. Using NEMA 34 motors at 6.0 amps on all axis (X, Y and Z), I have pushed the machine to over 200 inches per minute on other types of wood (plywood, etc.) without issue, but considering I regularly use MDF, which is a significantly denser wood, I wanted to show how strong and fast the machine is.

Here’s a video of the CNC machine in operation:

I regularly maintain the machine to keep it running at peak performance. I have replaced the router once in the past four years, and replacement of the router took approximately 30 minutes to complete. Once a year, I replace the drive chains, which are sourced locally for ~$50 for enough chain to maintain the entire system. Replacement of the drive chains took approximately an hour, including squaring up the system afterward.

The system runs on a standard 1 1/2 HP Ryobi Router, however, I also have a brand new-in-box 1.5KW water cooled spindle and 110V variable frequency drive (VFD) system which I am including with the system for a future upgrade. This will allow the machine to run faster and quieter.

I am also including the dust collection system I designed, which currently includes a Rigid Shop Vac on 4″ hose. This is the same system I used when I ran the system in the dining room of my home, and it cuts down on 90% of the dust. I also have a full-size 1.5HP industrial dust collector for a future upgrade, which will allow the system to pull in even more dust.

Here’s a brief bullet point list:

  • Custom built CNC (designed by me, and cut at a professional CNC shop), 180IPM @ 1/4″ depth, can cut up to ​​full 49″ x 97″ x 2″ sheets
  • Full-size torsion-box table system, with 3″ casters for easy movement, and a custom sheet hold-down system 1 1/2 HP Ryobi Router, with additional parts (brand new-in-box spindle and variable-frequency drive) for improving the system at a future time
  • Dust collection system, with additional parts (dust collector) for improving the system at a future time
  • Computer including monitor, keyboard and mouse to run the system is also included

I am selling the entire system for $5000 Canadian, and the CNC system will be ready for sale within the next 30 days. The purchaser will be responsible to pickup and transportation.

If you are interested, please let me know via email at [email protected]. I can provide further information if you have any questions.

Things to come!

I have already started down the path on a new venture that may be of interest to those of you who have followed Gameroom Designs over the past few years. I cannot go into detail at the moment, however, I will be making a post in the very near future regarding this, and you are welcome to stay connected via our mailing list for this new information when it comes available.

I will, of course, still continue my ‘no spam’ policy that I have used over the years, and you are welcome to unsubscribe if this is not of interest to you. I do appreciate your patronage, and would be honoured if you would like to hear more.

Once again, thank you to all of my customers, friends and family who have supported me on this journey!


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