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We have just added some great, new products to our lineup of arcade cabinets! Now, to complement our great set of Bartop Arcade Cabinets, we have added Cocktail, Pedestal, Full-Size and Pinball Arcade Cabinets.

Our Cocktail Arcade Cabinets come in two designs, the Paragon and the Paragon XL. Designed to allow from one to four players to play horizontal or vertical games, you can now bring the beauty and functionality of the versatile cocktail design into your personal game room.

Artistic Front - Paragon 2PArtistic Front - Paragon XL 4P

Our Pedestal Arcade Cabinet, the Manta, can support up to four players around your widescreen TV for action-packed excitement!

Artistic Front - Partymaker Right

Our Full-Size Arcade Cabinet, the Titan XL, is built to support one or two player action, so you can recreate the ambiance of a retro arcade in your own home.

Titan XL 1P Full-Size Cabinet

Our Pinball Arcade Cabinet, the Mystic XL, can give you the excitement of having a pinball machine in your own home.

Artistic Front - Mystic XL

Check out all of our newest products in the Arcade Shop. If there’s a product you want, and you don’t see it in our shop, please contact us and let us know.

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